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We hope that you have found the information within this toolkit and its associated materials helpful in your preparation and work within the CBPR field. We welcome your feedback regarding the use of this toolkit. And of course, the greatest compliment we could ever receive is you sharing this information with your community and colleagues via social media.

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Who Are We?

We are a group of CBPR researchers who bring decades of experience doing CBPR from the perspective of different disciplines, professional settings, communities, roles, and identities. Some of us are based in universities and others are based in national organizations. All of us have worked directly in and/or with programs that serve survivors.


A Special Thanks...

We are grateful for the enormous contribution from doctoral students at Boston College and Simmons School of Social Work, our video editor, and of course WT Grant Foundation - who provided the initial investment in this project. We also thank the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, who decided that this toolkit should be more than a local endeavor and supported our efforts to expand it.

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence
Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence (RCGV)
National Latin@ Network
Simmons School of Social Work
The LBGTQ Institute on IPV
Boston Medical Center (BMC)
National Resource Center On Domestic Violence