Power Through Partnerships

A CBPR Toolkit for Domestic Violence Researchers

Dr. Susan Ghanbarpour

Dr. Susan Ghanbarpour

Dr. Susan Ghanbarpour is the research and evaluation lead for the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence. In this role, she provides training, technical assistance and capacity-building resources to advocates serving Asian and Pacific Islander survivors of gender-based violence. She works to strengthen advocates’ capacity to evaluate their programs, engage in community-based participatory research, and incorporate evidence-based and trauma-informed practices. Her expertise in program evaluation and qualitative research serves to inform local and national projects.

Dr. Ghanbarpour’s work is grounded in collaborating with community members to surface, support and center the knowledge and strengths residing in culturally-specific and marginalized communities.


My Co-Authors

Some of us are based in universities and others are based in national organizations. All of us have worked directly in and/or with programs that serve survivors.